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League of Women Voters endorses 2016's Issue 44: Cincinnati Public Schools Levy

LWVCA Supports Issue 44: Cincinnati Public School Levy

LWV Ballot Issue EndorsementsCINCINNATI (September 30, 2016) -- The Board of the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area voted to endorse and support the Cincinnati Public School Levy on the November ballot. The League is nonpartisan and does not support candidates, but based on its positions, it may endorse ballot issues.

The Education Committee followed the Cincinnati Preschool Promise initiative for two years before making a recommendation to support the program. During the two years, the committee gathered information and met with those knowledgeable about the initiative. Early in 2016, the committee prepared study materials for League members to read in the Voter and to discuss within unit meetings. When the leaders of the Preschool Promise and Cincinnati Public Schools collaborated on a levy request that includes funding for preschool and additional funding for Cincinnati public schools, the Education Committee examined the request closely. The committee met with the CPS Superintendent Mary Ronan and others to fully understand the proposal. Following their study, the Education Committee recommended that the League support the levy. Their recommendation was reviewed and approved by the League's Program Development Committee (PDC) and then approved by the full Board of Directors.

Support for the School levy is based on the League's positions. The national League of Women Voters adopted a position after a study that states, "the first five years of a child's life are crucial in building the foundation for educational attainment and greatly impact success or failure in later life. Additionally, the League believes quality, developmentally appropriate and voluntary early learning experiences should be available to all children."

Locally, the League adopted a position several years ago specifying the criteria to be used in deciding whether or not to support a Cincinnati Public School levy request. The Education Committee compared the criteria to current school performance and determined the levy request was appropriate and needed.

Strong public education is essential to improving our community. The School levy is a good investment for our community.