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LWVCA Committees

LWVCA welcomes participation from members and non-members alike!


The City Government Committee follows issues concerning the government of the City of Cincinnati. The committee monitors changes in city governance and their impact on the relationships between City Council, the City Manager, the administrative staff, and the public's ability to participate in their government. The committee studies and prepares information on any proposed amendments to the City of Cincinnati Charter or other ballot issues involving city voters. The committee follows city, county and regional transportation issues and proposals. The committee meets as needed.


The County Government Committee follows issues concerning Hamilton County government. We have monitored the proceedings of the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners and its Tax Levy Review Committee, as well as other County government activities. The committee evaluated the Hamilton County process for voting on property tax levies, compared it to those of other metropolitan counties in Ohio, and produced a white paper (PDF). We have studied specific property tax issues that are to be submitted to the voters and at times have recommended that our Board take a public position of support for a particular levy.

Know Hamilton County, has been updated periodically and reissued by the County Government Committee. The committee has prepared and presented materials entitled County Government 101 for one of the monthly unit discussions. Our meeting time is usually on the third Tuesday evening of each month. Check the League calendar or call the LWVCA office at 281-VOTE for specific dates and times.


The LWVCA's Education Committee monitors and acts on issues involving public education at the national, state, and local levels. In 2010-11 we (and Leagues across the country) participated in the LWVUS Study on The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education. From that study, a new position was developed and will be used to take action when warranted.

Our activities involving our LWV Ohio positions on public education usually concern the funding of Ohio's public schools. Since 2013 is the year for the Legislature to adopt a new biennial budget, we have been working with other groups and using our state positions to convince our elected officials that some major changes are needed in the proposed education budget.

Finally, in 2011 our local members requested an update of our local position on desegregation in Cincinnati Public Schools. The Committee is researching the history of the court case and CPS's response to the decision. We will present our findings to the membership in the fall; they will then determine whether we should drop or retain the current position or whether a new study of Cincinnati Public Schools is needed.


The Health Care Committee monitors the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners' implementation of the Tax Levy Review Committee's recommendations when administering the funds from the 2011 Health Service Levy (formally known as the Indigent Care Levy). As of June 2013, the Health Care Committee does not plan to meet on a regular basis, but may reconvene to address upcoming health-related tax levies or city budget issues.


Whole Homes TourMembers address housing issues including lead hazards, predatory lending and foreclosure issues, affordable housing development, home ownership issues, public housing, homelessness, home repair issues, accessibility in housing, and housing discrimination.


Millcreek SandbarThe committee implements the League policy to "promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest." The committee has been involved in following the threat of global climate change attributed to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.The committee provides study material for Unit discussions on issues impacting local water quality and availability. Recently the committee has been studying "fracking", a new technology for capturing natural gas and oil, which threatens environmental impacts on air and water. Committee members have served on subcommittees of the Cincinnati Climate Protection Action Plan, a City initiative to reduce emissions locally. We continue to follow recycling initiatives within the Cincinnati area and educate our members on this issue. Members also participate on the OKI Intermodal Coordinating Committee, the Mill Creek Restoration Project, and the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, among others. A new activity this spring - the committee is presenting a booth at the Cincinnati Paddlefest/Pedalfest celebration, providing bikers and paddlers with information on how to contact and speak with their elected representatives about issues of concern to them and their families. The Committee usually meets the second Thursday of the month, at 7 p.m., in the League office, but dates may change. For more information, e-mail or check the online League calendar.


The LWVCA often forms committees to study issues as needed. For example, in 2015 local Leagues will be working on two national studies. The first is a study of the Constitutional Amendment process where leagues across the nation will be considering consensus questions for evaluating Constitutional Amendment proposals. Information is available at LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study and a committee will be formed to direct this study at the local level. The second study is a Money in Politics review and update. This involves a member study and consensus to update the League's position on campaign finance. More information about this study is available at LWVUS Money in Politics Review. Community members with a particular knowledge of or interest in either subject are encouraged to join the study committee. The League is interested in learning the facts from all sides of an issue and our positions benefit greatly from a diversity of view points.