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The League is buzzing with activity as the November election approaches. This "off-year" election, with just local races, gets less media attention but that doesn't mean it is any less important. The decisions made by city councils and school boards directly touch the lives of voters. In many ways, voter education is more difficult this year with so many local candidates and issues. Did you know there are about 400 candidates running for local office in Hamilton County this year?!

In recent research, 39% of infrequent voters said they often don't vote because they don't know enough about the candidates and issues to make a good decision. The League works hard to give these people the information they need to turn out and be informed voters.

We start by helping people register to vote. Our younger Act One members are registering voters at the Public Library downtown and in the North College Hill neighborhood in September. The Hilltop unit will have a booth at the Wyoming Fall Festival. Throughout the year League members help new citizens register to vote at Naturalization ceremonies.

We will distribute 80,000 copies of the print Voter Guide, primarily through libraries and City Beat. Information about the smaller jurisdictions that doesn't fit in the print Voter Guide is available online. is our online source for election information. League members contacted those 400 candidates for township trustee, village council, and school board and their information is posted on Vote411.

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The theme of League discussion units for October is the upcoming November election. The Voter Guide will serve as study pages and the Issues Briefing on Sept. 27 serves as the discussion leader briefing.

Members will review what candidate races will be on the ballot and the five state and county issues. This is a time for League members, as individuals, to share their thoughts on the candidates and the issues. Who do you like and why? How are you going to vote on the prescription drug issue? It is also a time to plan how we can encourage others to vote. For example, the Hilltop North Unit which meets in Wyoming will have a table at the Wyoming Fall Festival to register and educate voters.

If you have questions about unit meetings, contact Unit Coordinator Helen Rhoad.

  • Oct. 10, Northeast Evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Madeira Public Library
  • Oct. 11, Hilltop North at noon in Friendship United Methodist Church, Wyoming
  • Oct. 11, Warren/Butler at 7:30 p.m. in Mason United Methodist Church
  • Oct. 12, Central Evening at 6:15 p.m. in the League office
  • Oct. 18, Metro Day at noon in the League office The Anderson unit is not meeting in October. Members are welcome to join another unit discussion.

Visit Our Neighborhood Unit Groups for Information on the discussion unit locations.

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