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Where We Stand: LWV of the Cincinnati Area Positions

Our Advocacy and Action

Listed below are summaries of the LWVCA's public policy positions, which are where we stand and our priorities for advocacy.

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Government Structures




Natural Resources

State and National Positions

Government Structures

Support of Modernization of Hamilton County Government

The LWVCA supports the modernization of county government through some form of reorganization, such as adoption of a county charter or one of the alternative forms of county government permitted by Ohio Law.

Criteria for Hamilton county-wide voted property tax levies.

A model tax levy process would include a committee of citizens with the authority to review tax levy proposals and tax levy recipient organizations and other criteria; reduction of the total number of voted levies without sacrificing needed services; timing that prevents placing all levies on a ballot at the same time; funding county services based on a determined level of need that balances funds, services and resources; funding broadly defined services that can respond to changing conditions and needs; provision of meaningful opportunities for citizen involvement, input, monitoring and review; assuring agency accountability to the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners; ballot language that is understandable to citizens and accurately describes services funded by the proposed levy.

Support of Certain Criteria for Methods of Service Delivery

The LWVCA supports criteria for service delivery in areas of relationships with other governments and service providers; accountability and responsiveness; taxes, fees and assessments; quality of service. LWVCA members support special districts, contractual arrangements (both public/private and intergovernmental) and general purpose government as appropriate means of service delivery.

Support of the Council/Manager Form of City Government for Cincinnati

The LWVCA supports the council-manager form of government for the City of Cincinnati.

Support of Independent Boards and Commissions in the City of Cincinnati

LWVCA supports provisions in the Cincinnati City Charter for the existence of independent boards and commissions in the functional areas of parks, city planning, health, and recreation. The League also supports measures which would make more effective the operations of the independent boards and commissions.


Support of Comprehensive Planning at the Municipal, County, and Regional Levels

The LWVCA supports these criteria for evaluating planning proposals - be responsive and adaptable to changes; provide for citizen education and participation at all stages;consider social and environmental values as well as physical and economic development; be concerned with preserving historical and cultural assets of the local areas of the region; be fair and non-discriminatory, considering the welfare of the entire region rather than that of special interest groups; be able to be implemented under existing financial and political constraints, but allow for possible changes; take into account the goals and priorities of all levels of planning striving to avoid duplication and to promote compromise; be compatible with the established goals of the regional planning authority.


Support of a Publicly-Owned Transportation System for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area

The LWVCA supports the establishment of a public transportation agency, such as an authority or a district, on as wide a geographic base as feasible. The League prefers a nine-county base (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana); the next most desirable would be a tri-county base; or at least one including all of Hamilton County. The LWVCA believes that local governments share the responsibility to assure the existence of an adequate mass transportation system. The LWVCA supports public ownership of a mass transit system, and opposes subsidies to privately-owned transit systems.


Support of Policies and Programs Leading to Improved Educational Opportunity for Every Public School Student

The LWVCA supports different approaches to achieve high quality integrated education for every child.

Cincinnati School District Tax Levies and Bond Issues

For the Cincinnati School District: The LWVCA supports tax levies and bond issues to implement policies for operations and improvements in the system. The Board, in determining LWVCA action on a proposed Cincinnati Public Schools tax levy or bond issue, should consider the following information:

1. Improvements and upgrades in programs offered;
2. drop-out/graduation rates;
3. the spending per student;
4. the condition of the physical facilities;
5. the socio-economic background of the student body;
6. Continuous outreach to parents and members of the community.

The trends for these data should be that the district is showing improvement toward meeting its announced goals, and where progress is not being made, remediation efforts are in place. In addition to the above information, the Board should examine the CPS budget to determine what monies are coming into the district and how they are being spent. Moreover, before any position is taken, the Board must be confident that the LWVCA members have been thoroughly updated on the state of the CPS and that their activities are being routinely monitored.

Natural Resources

Support of the Little Miami River as a Scenic River

The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area supports the protection of the Little Miami River from its source to its mouth at the Ohio River in the State System of Scenic Rivers and in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Systems

State and National Positions

Positions of the League of Women Voters of Ohio and United States

As part of a multi-leveled organization, the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area is also in support of the public policy positions of both the LWV of Ohio and LWV of the United States.