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The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area provides two resources for Cincinnati voters: Visit the Hamilton County Board of Elections website for the latest election results.

Voter Guide

The Voter Guide, formerly known as The Who & What of Elections Voter's Guide, is a yearly printed publication of the candidate and ballot issues for Hamilton County's November elections.

Based on the election year, the LWVCA publishes up to 100,000 copies for distribution around the County.


The 2016 Voter Guide is available in the following formats:

  • Digital flip book, thanks to our publisher CityBeat
  • PDF to print
  • PDF, which has working links and is also accessible to the visually impaired (will be available soon)

Receive a Mailed Copy from LWVCA
One 2016 Voter Guide can be mailed after a donation of $10 to cover postage. We must receive payment, either by check included with your mailed order form, or through PayPal before delivery. Election Information You provides a customized ballot, candidate profiles, Election Information You Need full ballot language information, and, post-election results for every election. Data is supplied by the League of Women Voters, candidates and the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

2015 Voter Guide Visitors For the November 3, 2015 election, Ohio received more visitors than any state. The number of times Ohio voters visited the site increased almost 700 percent from the last comparable election in 2013.

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All information printed in the printed Voter Guide is available on, including extended content.

Where to Get Your Voter Guide

2016 Voter Guide Recipients
The map below shows which organizations ordered copies of 2016 Voter's Guide. Since October 5, 100,000 of 2016 Voter Guide were distributed in Cincinnati and Hamilton and Warren Counties. This includes 25,000 copies, which CityBeat inserted in their weekly publication, twice.

History of the Voter Guide

The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area has published the Voter Guide, formerly known as the Who & What of Elections Voter's Guide, since 1921. It is available to the public free of charge, prior to the November elections. Candidates are asked their views on issues of importance to the community. The candidates' responses and their biographical information are published along with explanations of ballot issues as well as general information on the voting process.

All information printed, is also available on