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They Represent Us (TRU): A guide to Elected Officials in Hamilton County

They Represent Us is an annual directory of public officials TRU Volunteers in Hamilton County. The information presented in this publication is researched by volunteer members of LWVCA. Visit this page to download the latest version.

Know Hamilton County

Know Hamilton CountyKnow Hamilton County is our guide to local government. It is updated approximately every 10 years after the redistricting process. KHC includes information on all offices and structures of government in our county. LWVCA volunteers are working on an update for this publication currently. Visit this page to get the latest information.

Know Your Ohio Government

Ohio State houseFrom the League of Women Voters of Ohio (LWVO), you can download Know Your Ohio Government (PDF), which explains the workings of our state government including information on how a bill becomes a law, the process for amending the Ohio Constitution, and the judiciary in Ohio.

For other LWVO publications, click here.

Our Other Work

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